Welcome to Swedish Lapland

Exclusive holidays with our sled dogs in Lapland. Experience an authentic and unforgettable experience in this protected territory

parcourez la laponie avec nos chiens de traineaux


Explore Lapland away from the tourist places, in a nature preserve.

chien de traineau en laponie avec des enfants


We welcome one group per stay and can suggest specific activities for children.

sejour en laponie en hebergement en chalet


Accommodation in cozy cottage near theLake.

Join us with our sled dogs in Swedish Lapland.

The landscapes, immensity, authenticity, the flora and fauna of northern Scandinavia, that's what we like here and so what we propose to share with us, family or friends. If you want a unique experience away from everything you're in the right place because here nature is omnipresent.

Cross with us forests, the lakes, Taiga under the midnight sun or the northern lights when night comes.

Browse its wilderness with our huskies, snowmobile, canoeing…

Come breathe smells, see its colors and live at their own pace… Lapland awaits.

We offer different types of stays or activities day in every season.

Because we do welcome one group per stay, we can adapt to any type of public, you are a family with young children ages, or with teenagers, a group of athletes or retired…

We offer a range of activities to meet during our stays and activities day, among them dog sledding of course, but also snowshoes, ice fishing, meeting with reindeer, snowmobile, horseback riding, night in a glass teepee hoping to see the northern lights…

Adventure sleds in winter to hiking in the summer kayaking through the observation of the local fauna among other , the choice is vast according to the seasons, of your desires.

We pick you up at the airport’ Umeå or Skellefteåto

In winter

-Meet the sled dogs and browse the snowy expanses with them.

-Hike on snowshoes.

-Discover the pleasures of snowmobiling .

-Try ice fishing and relax in the sauna.

-Take part in feeding the reindeer with the Same breeder.

-See the Northern Lights in a glass teepee in the heart of the forest.

-Cross forest and tundra on horseback

In summer

-Enjoy the midnight sun.

-Surf kayaking and try to spot beavers.

-Sin in the pure waters of Lapland where the fish are wild and large sizes.

-Hike with our sled dogs.

-Discover the city of Lycksele with its fabulous Nordic zoo.

In the spring or fall

-Participate in activities with our sled dogs (hikes, Kennel visit…).

-Fish lake or river. Perches, pike, trout, Salmon or Shadows await.

-Observe wildlife.

-Hike in the heart of the boreal forest and pick mushrooms and berries abundant in Lapland. We can also teach you how to transform and preserve.